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Album artwork design: My playlists

Here are some album artwork that I've done recently. Music is another passion of mine. I listen to a lot of it from a very wide range of styles and I do it during a huge portion of my day. Working is almost always accompanied by some nice tunes, foot tapping and humming. I have lots of music playlists I've been…
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Over the Garden Wall – Into the Unknown

I recently watched Over the Garden Wall (a cartoon show by Cartoon Network) again and I just loved it even more than the first time I watched it. Everything is so beautifully done, the animation, the characters, the backgrounds, the songs… Everything. Plus the lighting treatment and the dreamy look of it is charming. So, obviously I had to make something…
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New stuff: Cute patches!

I'm here to talk to you about patches. Because they are getting more attention lately and I never thought I'd make my own patches, and look, I made some hella nice patches. I remember I was really into pins when I was a kid, I had that little pin collection, with one of my total favorites being a ghost which…
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Matchbook: En Patufet

Matchbook: En Patufet is not a simple matchbox, it isn't in fact a matchbox per se, I mean it technically is, but it is more a small piece of art to me. The project Matchbook, tiny tales in a matchbox was born out of curiosity for papercutting and the motivation to experiment a different technique of illustration. A few years ago, I did some…
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Useful stuff to make art… free Textures!

About textures Textures in digital illustration can make a huge difference when applied. They usually help achieving the traditional feel lost in the binary language of our machines. Textures can turn a cold and very computer-like illustration into a warm illustration with a nice traditional touch. When I discovered textures, I felt my world turning upside down and downside up. I frantically…
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Explorers of the Galaxy zine

An Introduction It's been said, that it exists a society of people who explore the immensity of the Universe. It's been said that this group of humans is called the Explorers of the Galaxy. Since a few years ago, the Explorers of the Galaxy (EotG) have been in charge of exploring the cosmic world that surrounds our planet. Discoverers of the unknown…
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Tutorial: How to stencil (Paint)

The second part of the tutorial: How to paint using a stencil. (Part 1) There are different ways to paint using a stencil, depending on the surface you want to print we are going to need a type of ink or another. Here I list a few: Spray paint: typically used in walls, but could also work in fabric. Fabric…
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Tutorial: How to stencil (Cut)

Have you ever wanted to paint a custom shirt, jumper or totebag with your design but the only way you know involves silkscreen or a shirt printing company? Well, I can give you a cheap and easy way to make great shirts (or anything that supports a printed design), and this way is called stencil. You can do absolutely crazy…

The Attic

Hello World! From the attic of the House on the Moon, between paper and pencils, I am writting my first post. First off, I am Viu, an astronaut in my imagination and an illustrator and graphic designer in real life. I live in planet Earth, in a mediterranean city called Barcelona. I love sunny days, the sound the pencil makes…