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Not only a new year arrives but a brand new decade, and with that, inevitably, all our New Years resolutions.
One of mine is to be more organized with everything. That’s why I’ve created a Budget Planner and a Meal Planner, to try to put more order this upcoming year.
The Budget Planner includes pages for tracking all your monthly incomes and expenses, weekly and monthly calendars, an end of the month summary and an account password tracker. It comes in pdf form and also in digital form as a Google Spreadsheet for you to use.
The Meal Planner consists in a weekly menu grid and a list page for groceries.
I’m offering you some bits of the bundle by sharing with you the Meal Planner Printable for free.
weekly menu planner printable grocery list
weekly menu planner printable grocery list
weekly menu planner printable grocery list
Just click the button to download your Meal Planner and start planning!
The password is MealPlanning2020. Enjoy!

And if you’d like to purchase the whole bundle with the Budget and the Menu Planners, you can do so for a very small amount of money.

Don’t forget that you’ll be helping a small artist to pay the bills!

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