Tintin, illustrated paper diorama in a small box by Violeta Serratosa ©VIU. All Rights Reserved

3 cute cartoon dioramas on a box for comic and anime lovers

I love good comics, cartoons and animes, I’ve always loved them. I also really, really like miniatures and I happen to like paper sculptures too. So if I put together all these things, the result is my ongoing project of Tiny Boxes, cartoon dioramas.

It all started when I illustrated a scene of Catalan folk tale En Patufet and decided to put it all in a matchbox as the tale tells the story of a kid no taller than a hand.

I liked it, and I’m currently making my favorite cartoons in a tiny box. So expect more of these tiny cartoon dioramas!


1. En Patufet


2. Tintin Tiny Box

What do you think? I hope you liked them! Any other anime/cartoon I should convert into a tiny box? 🙂

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I'm a children's illustrator and graphic designer from Barcelona. I like music and hiking.

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