Hello! Last time I talked to you about patches and today I’m here to talk to you about pins. Because I’ve been making my own pins for a while now, and they look pretty great if you ask me.

Remember I talked to you about my passion for pins when I was a kid? I had that little pin collection, with one of my total favorites being a ghost which had tiny lightbulbs for eyes that would never stop blinking. Was kind of crazy.

Well, there are no lightbulbs in my pins (yet) but they definitely are of the characters that made me smile when I was a young sprout.

Here are some of them, I hope you like them!

Coming from a sketch in a corner of one of my sketchbook pages, Krilin Dragon Head is the apple of my eye. You know, I think he is the cutest kid with a dragon in his head you’ll ever find. And it reminds me of 8bit games and 80s/90s fun. NOSTALGIA. But the good type of nostalgia.

If you like Krilin, you can find it here. And if you’re a game developer, seriously, let’s turn this into a Gameboy game.

Does the name Eleven sound familiar to you? Well, that’s the name of Stranger Things’ #1 EGGO fan. One of my favorite characters from the series.

The lettering on the back is made by awesome lettering artist Sil Bubble.

You can’t say no to El when she asks you for some EGGO’s. Find her here.

Inspired by Link’s Awakening for the GameBoy, the game I used to play when I was little. Here’s Lil Link my lil tribute to The Legend of Zelda!

I think Over The Garden Wall has definitely been one of my favorite cartoons from lately. I felt so very inspired by the whole world they wandered in. SO VERY INSPIRED I had to have Wirt and Greg in my jacket.

All these patches were designed and illustrated by me and embroidered localy, in Barcelona.

© VforViu. All rights reserved

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