The originals

TAROT in treble clef is a musical tarot deck of 18 cards painted using only black indian ink and golden acrylic paint. This was my project for Inktober 2018 and my goal was to transmit my passion for music.

Each card measures 15,4 x 6,4 cm and is painted on Canson Mix-Media 300 gsm paper.

As they were done through the course of October, I chose to draw a mix of Halloween and folkloric creatures. I wanted to create a band of folk creatures playing some instruments.

You can see the final product here.


Inktober 2018

Final product

TAROT in treble clef is a 20 card deck inspired by the magical world of music.

Cards are printed on 300gsm pearl paper giving them a beautiful subtle metal effect. Each card is hand cut individually by me and put together in a small sturdy box.

☞ Size: 14,9 x 6,1 cm
☞ Illustrations: ©VforVIU. All Rights Reserved

TAROT in treble clef was not intended to be a regular tarot deck, it was made for fun and as a tribute to music, however some concepts were associated to each card based on character/instruments when drawing it. A cheat sheet with those concepts is included in the pack.

All cards are stored in a small sturdy box to protect them.

The complete deck is printed on 300gsm peralescent paper which gives them a beautiful subtle metal effect.