Kuririn Doragon Heddo Pin

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A cute kid and his dragon hat named Krilin Dragon Head.

Krilin is not just another retro game hero, he can jump higher than the clouds, spit fire from his mouth and run faster than light speed. That would make of Krilin Dragon Head THE hero if there was actually a game named Krilin Dragon Head. He would rock it so well.

Pin of my OC Kuririn Doragon Heddo, handmade and resin coated. You can pin it to your jacket, bag, whatever, and bring some of the good ol' 90s back.

☞ Size: 3 x 3 cm aprox
☞ Finish: Glossy.
☞ Colours may vary from pictures.
☞ This item is handmade by me, that means there may be slight differences between them.

☞ Losses of items that are shipped without a tracking number will not be the responsibility of the store.

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