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For Space lovers like myself, I bring you this puzzle pack of 7 small decals for you to arrange in any place and position you want (they come in separate sheets). You will be able to create a cute tiny cosmos full of stars, planets, UFOs and rockets!

Designed and cut with extra love by me, let's create your own cosmos!

☞ Size: The different decals measure between 3 to 7 cm. The whole composition measures around 10 x 10 cm
☞ Finish: Mat.
☞ Make sure you clean the surface with some alcohol before sticking any decal.
☞ As it contains small parts, to ensure a long life of the decal, consider placing it somewhere free of friction, or protecting it.

☞ Colours may vary from pictures.
☞ This item is handmade by me, that means there may be slight differences between them.

☞ Losses of items that are shipped without a tracking number will not be the responsibility of the store.

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