Hello World!

From the attic of the House on the Moon, between paper and pencils, I am writting my first post.

First off, I am Viu, an astronaut in my imagination and an illustrator and graphic designer in real life. I live in planet Earth, in a mediterranean city called Barcelona. I love sunny days, the sound the pencil makes when I draw and music.

I still don’t know where I am getting into with this blog, but the idea of having a little space to share my creations to anyone who wants to see them is exciting.

In The Attic, you will find resources, new products, cool findings and tutorials from time to time. I love crafts and DIY ethic, so whenever I have the chance to do something, I try to do it myself.

The image I used for the header of The Attic is a very personal one, I took it in my grandparents’ house, this room had been stuck in time since the 80s and I just love it.


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Author Viu

I'm a children's illustrator and graphic designer from Barcelona. I like music and hiking.

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