The Attic #18 ✦ Abner Graboff

Hello, hello! How is life going?

Here’s a brand new issue of The Attic, full of freshness and wonderful mid century goodies! Today we have a bold and colourful illustrator, a cute Korean stamp, a colorful place, a cute Japanese ad, and an old book about mushrooms!

An illustrator: Abner Graboff

Abner Graboff (1919 – 1986) was an artist and illustrator born in East Orange, New Jersey. 

Graboff started his career as a freelance graphic designer, but it was in 1954 where he illustrated the first of many children books to come: The Sun Looks Down, which was awarded The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book by The New York Times. 

He also illustrated cookbooks, music books and album covers.

Abner GRABOFF - 1966 - Mrs. McGarrity's Peppermint Sweater by Adelaide Holl

Below you can see some of his picture books, illustrated in different techniques with lots of grace. I love the shapes and bright and bold colours!

Abner GRABOFF - 1960 - The Sun Looks Down by Miriam Schlein
Abner GRABOFF - 1966 - Mrs. McGarrity's Peppermint Sweater by Adelaide Holl
Abner GRABOFF - 1960 - Something For You, Something For Me, by Mabel Watts
Abner GRABOFF - 1963 - 10 Little Indians


A stamp: Yeon Nalligi

AHN Seung Kyung - 1977 - Korea postage stamp


A place: San Francisco

Joseph BINDER - 1957 - United Airlines. San Francisco


An ad: Aji no moto


A collection: Four egg cups


A book: Atlas des Champignons

M. E. DESCOURTILZ - 1827 - Atlas des Champignons


Hello from Viu’s corner! Continuing last month’s section, I wanted to share with you this poster I also made. It’s inspired by the kind of tunes you just cannot stop yourself moving to the beats. I love music, it’s my other passion. 

This illustration was inspired by songs from this playlist I made. It’s a playlist that every single song on it automatically puts me in a good mood when it plays. It’s a magical for me, works every time, and I hope it does the same for you too 🙂

I really like how this one turned out. If you’re a creative person, you probably know that liking or being happy with something you’ve created happens fewer times than it should. So it’s always very nice when it happens.


This illustration was also risoprinted in a very nice paper by the people at Do The Print in Barcelona and I love it! You can also find it here and spread the groove. 


It’s now the turn to say goodbyes and till next month, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!


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