The Attic #16 Aurelius Battaglia

Guten Morgen, meine Freunde!

Is today a fresh Sunday of a fresh new month? Yes, it is. And here are some incredibly beautiful bits from the past: an illustrator of picture books but also animator, a Fiji poster, a rad radio ad, and an almanack created by design legends. Ready?

An illustrator: Aurelius Battaglia

Aurelius Battaglia (1910 – 1984) was an American illustrator, writer, director and muralist.

I knew about Battaglia’s work through one of his children’s books: Little Boy With a Big Horn. The illustration on the right was the first image I saw from Battaglia. And yes, I was in love. And then… then I found many more books!

Aurelius BATTAGLIA – 1948 – Baby’s Mother Goose

Aurelius BATTAGLIA – 1950 – Pets for Peter

Aurelius BATTAGLIA – 1952 – The Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs

Battaglia also worked in the animation industry from 1937 to 1941 in movies like Dumbo, Pinocchio and Fantasia by Walt Disney Studios. He also worked in UPA’s The Boing Boing Show.

Below you can watch a short he directed, with such a beautiful picture book style *o* So cool!!

Aurelius BATTAGLIA – 1955 – The Invisible Moustache Of Raoul Dufy

Aurelius BATTAGLIA – 1955 – Stills from The Invisible Moustache Of Raoul Dufy

A place: Fiji

Keith HENDERSON – 1930s – Fiji

An ad: Philips Radio

Anders BECKMAN REKLAMATELJE – 1946 – Philips Radio

A book: Push Pin Almanack

Seymour CHWAST – 1955 – The Push Pin Almanack

Milton GLASER, Ed SOREL – 1955 – The Push Pin Almanack

That would be all for this month, what did you like the most? I really like the UPA short and the almanack, I wish I had a copy!
Take care and see you in a month 🙂

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