The Attic #17 Bernice Myers

Hola, molt bon dia!

Here is a fresh new issue hopefully full of inspiration for you. This month I present you a prolific children’s book illustrator, a picture of a boy making weird faces, an animated short about a night adventure, a very stylish ad, asnowy place, a super old jar and a new section.

An illustrator: Bernice Myers

Bernice MYERS - 1957 - Moustache written by Jeanne Erié

Bernice Myers (1925 -2021) was an acclaimed children’s book author and illustrator who published over 100 books with major publishers like Harper & Row and Scholastic. With her minimalist style and strong sense of color Bernice Myers helped modernize children’s book illustration.

Bernice MYERS - 1957 - Moustache written by Jeanne Erié

 I came across these illustrations of a book by Myers where, in every page, there were tons of cats, I found it funny, that’s a book I’d have definitely liked as a kid!

But as I found more of her work, and looking at all these illustrations together, I think I’d have loved any of her books to be honest. In fact I had a hard time trying to decide which spreads and books I wanted to share with you because they are all so good!

Bernice MYERS - 1960s - Les quatre musiciens
Bernice MYERS - 1960 - Pear-Shaped Hill
Bernice MYERS - 1966 - Weather all around

A picture: Child with a toy hand grenade

Diane ARBUS - 1962 - Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, N.Y.C.

A short: Moonbird

1959 - Moonbird

An ad: Bally

Pierre AUGSBURGER - 1956 - Bally

A place: Suisse

Hermann EIDENBENZ - ca.1950 - Hiver en Suisse

A jar: Jar with Anthropomorphic Figure

650-150 B.C. - Paracas painted jar, Peru

And with this super cute and super antique jar, we’ve reached the end of this issue… Wait, no, there’s more!

New section, which is only going to appear here when I have something to share, which means… I have something to share! I’ve made some illustrations inspired by all the mid-century art I’ve been posting.

Today I wanted to share with you this little contortionist photographer I did around a month ago. It was a small doodle on a blank page, but I just thought it was cute and decided to finish it.

It’s risoprinted at dotheprint and the colors look gorgeous! Just if you’re wondering, it is for sale here. Also, too late, she already took your picture! 🙂

Now we’ve really reached the end of the newsletter, as always, below you’ll find the links so you can see more. I hope you liked it! See you in a month!

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