The Attic #8 Guy Georget

Guten Morgen! 🌞 I hope you’re doing great on this fine Sunday morning!


Summer’s already here (at least it is in Barcelona) and with it, a summery dose of inspiration. Here’s this month’s mix: a colorful poster artist, some cool x-ray experiments from 1896, a Polish travel ad, a beautiful Bulgarian postage stamp, an incredible picture book and a collection of cigarette ads!

An Artist: Guy Georget

Guy Georget (1911-1992) was a poster artist whose work I found on a vintage posters auction site. It was a poster for Air France that caught my eye. The shapes, vivid color blocks and the light of the whole image captivated me and I started looking for more of his work.

Guy GEORGET - 1950s - Air France Cote D'Azur poster

I found very little info about Georget, which is always sad, but I came across a beautiful series of Spain posters with really nice composition and imagery to compensate for 🙂

An X-Ray: Chamäleon cristatus

Josef Maria EDER - 1896 - Chamäleon cristatus

An ad: ORBIS

A stamp: The big turnip

Stefan KANCHEV - 1964 - The Big Turnip

A book: Amos and the Moon

Jan BALET - 1948 - Amos and the Moon
Jan BALET - 1948 - Amos and the Moon
Jan BALET - 1948 - Amos and the Moon

A collection: Cigarette ads

Franz METTES - 1959 - Triumph Mild

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