The Attic #5 Margaret Nielsen

This month comes with a mysterious illustrator, a fun itchy picture from the 70’s, a 1930’s Swiss collage, a colorful stamp and some really funny maps from the 19th century. Let’s go!

An illustrator: Margaret Nielsen Fleming

Margaret Nielsen Fleming (dates unknown)

As much as I tried and looked for it, I couldn’t find any info on Margaret Nielsen Fleming.

Sometimes it is very hard to find information on vintage artists and even more so, when it comes to women artists (which always makes me pretty sad and a bit angry, if I’m honest).

But I wanted to share her work with you because I always love a nicely done two-color illustration. In her case I think she had a perfect use of accent color, what do you think?

The only illustrations I could find were illustrations done for magazines for women on… how to be a good wife and all that jazz… It was the 50’s after all.

A picture: Kyoto, Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Erwitt. Kyoto, Japan, 1977
An ad: St. Moritz
St. Mortiz by Walter Herdeg, 1937
A postage stamp: Friendship
China postage stamp designed by Pan Ke-ming, 1978
A book: Geographical Fun Atlas
Geographical Fun Atlas, Denmark Map, 1868

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