The Attic #12 Pierre Etaix

Hello! How are you doing?
Am I seeing it right and it’s the 12th issue?? A whole year of inspirational snippets!??? Wow, I think I deserve a cookie!! *goes to her secret cookie stash and grabs one*

Okay! Let’s do this! This issue is filled with things I love: A clown, comedian, filmmaker AND great illustrator, a funny picture with too many hats and very few heads to wear them, a colorful poster, a horror animated short, a fun album cover, a preventive ad and a fantastically illustrated jazzy book you cannot miss!

An artist: Pierre Etaix

According to the intro on wikipedia, Pierre Etaix (1928 – 2016) was a French clown, comedian and filmmaker. But that’s not all, he also studied graphic design, worked as an illustrator and he did some really nice work!

That’s the part that I’m going to be showing you today, more specifically the work he did of Monsieur Hulot’s world.

I adore Jaques Tati‘s movie Mon Oncle and I’d always loved the poster. The first time I saw the red poster was at one of my oldest friend’s home, their parents are both designers and they had some really nice posters on the walls. I was very little but I remember I loved it.

I didn’t know Pierre Etaix was the author of that poster, and the day I looked for more info I found these other versions, which are super nice as well, but my jaw hit the floor when I saw some of his line illustrations of Monsieur Hulot’s universe, which I think I may already have shared them with you, but they are so good that I don’t care! I mean, please LOOK AT THOSE:

A photograph: Head View

William VANDERSON - 20th March 1933 - Head View

A poster: Festivals d'Été Graz

WAGNSA - 1956 - Festivals d'Ete Graz

A short: The Tell-Tale Heart

Ted PARMELEE - 1953 - Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

An album cover: Come to the fair

An ad: La Prevention Routiere

A book: The First Book of Jazz

Cliff ROBERTS – 1955 – The first book of jazz by Langston Hughes, music selected by David Martin

This book is such a treat for the eyes. It’s available at the digital collection of Yale University Library, I do really, really, REALLY recommend checking it out!


To wrap up a year of The Attic, I can only feel grateful for your feedback, recommendations and, in short, for your company this whole year.

I hope this little newsletter brought you joy, made you feel more inspired and eventually introduced you to some new (old) artists. I still have lots of things to share, so if you’d like, I’ll see you next month here: up in the Attic 🙂

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