The Attic #4 Rokuro Taniuchi

Hello there, friends!
Here’s what I got for you this month: a surreal illustrator from Japan, a tourism poster for Ticino, an old picture of a kid and three friends and a 1660’s celestial map!

An illustrator: Rokuro Taniuchi

Rokuro TANIUCHI - 1955 - とこや TOKOYA
Rokuro Taniuchi, 谷内六郎画集 (1921-1981) was a Japanese illustrator, born in Ebisu, Tokyo.


Before the war, Taniuchi worked in an electric factory and began to draw cartoons. When the war was over, he started to get published in newspapers and magazines, such as the Weekly Shincho, which he illustrated its cover for 25 years.
This is maybe one of my favorite findings as of late, I wasn’t aware of Rokuro Taniuchi’s work, but I really like the strong nostalgic vibe of it. To me, Taniuchi offers a very personal and very intimate view of things. His work is beautiful and full of meaning. I often find myself revisiting his surreal and inspiring world again and again.

A poster: Ticino, Switzerland

Ticino by Daniele Buzzi, 1955

A picture: Systerdottern Karin och tre uggleungar, 1925

Nephew Karin and three owls by Oskar Jarén, 1925

A map: The Celestial Atlas of Andreas Cellarius

Copernican System of the Universe, The Celestial Atlas of Andreas Cellarius, 1660

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