The Attic #9 Sóti Klára

Hello, good people! 🌞

Your monthly cup of inspiration has arrived, and today I’m bringing you some colorful art: a Hungarian illustrator, a super vibrant and modern poster from the 1920s, a travel poster of Dubrovnik, an album cover, a super cute animation, and a magazine for parents.

An illustrator: Sóti Klára

Sóti Klára (1930) is a Hungarian applied graphic artist, illustrator, painter and designer. She worked as a costume and marionette designer at the National Puppet Theatre and has also art directed for Dörmögő Dömötör, a children’s magazine. She has designed posters, storybooks and postcards.
A Christmas postcard was the first piece by Sóti I ever saw, and as almost always I find such cute pictures, I want to look for more, unfortunately I only could find a few posters by her, but still very nice 🙂

Sóti KLÁRA - 1960s - Christmas Postcard

A movie poster: Safety Last!

1924 - Film poster for Alldeles Pa Uippen (Safety Last) Skandias

This poster is almost 100 years old but still looking very fresh and modern, I loved it! There was no mention on the artist but I can see a signature that looks like an RS, if anyone has more info, please let me know!

A place: Dubrovnik

KOVACEVICH - 1950s - Dubrovnik

An album artwork: Sousa's Band

Ed SOREL - 1954 - Stars and Stripes Forever

A short: Scatterbrain and Crosspatch

A magazine: Parents magazine

John ALLEN - 1961 - Parents magazine

A book: Música

Michael RICKETTS - 1971 - Music

Some weeks ago Luna sent me this book she found in a second hand bookshop, and the illustrations in it are adorable. Music is my other passion so it was a 100% hit in the mark. I do have the best friends! :‘)

These lovely illustrations were done by Michael Ricketts, but I also couldn’t find any info on the artist.

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