The Attic #6 Szilas Győző

Here are the four inspirational snippets for this month: a fun graphic designer from Hungary, a nihonga illustrator, a fun and playful ad and a 1815’s book with instructions on how to get to Madeira just in case you ever need them 🙂

A graphic designer: Szilas Győző

Szilas Győző (1921 – 1998) was a graphic designer from Hungary.

During his career he designed a number of posters for large companies, and as years went by, his posters became more humorous and he started using photomontage. His works can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery and the Széchényi Library.

Szilas GYŐZŐ - 1962 - Egészségünkre! (Cheers!)

When I saw the poster pictured above, I just fell in love with it. It was the first work by Szilas I ever saw, and it simply happened. I really like the mix of styles used and the color palette, it makes a very dreamy, summery refreshing scene. Of course, I searched for more work from Győző, I found cute and fun characters and, well, what can I say other than I REALLY enjoy his work?

Szilas GYŐZŐ - c.1960 - LOTTÓ a kedvenc
Szilas GYŐZŐ - 1955 - FAISAN DORÉ Extrait de tomates Hongrois
Szilas GYŐZŐ - 1960s - KUKTA mindent lefőz
Szilas GYŐZŐ - 1964 - Szerencsi minőségi csokoládé

An illustrator: Takeuchi Seihō

Takeuchi Seihō, 1894

An ad: Fanta

Fanta, 1962

A book: The Traveller’s Guide to Madeira and the West Indies

The Traveller’s Guide to Madeira and the West Indies, 1815

A thread: VeloSolex Ads

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