The Attic #2 Tadashi Ohashi – 5 inspiring snippets

This month’s snippets are a Japanese designer who blurs the line between design and illustration, a collection of animal skeleton studies from the 1820s, some Japanese firework catalogues, a mid century ad from Germany and, as a bonus, some super fun lottery posters.
A designer: Tadashi Ohashi

Tadashi Ohashi (1916-1998) was a Japanese graphic designer and illustrator who produced a lot of work during his career but he’s particularly known for the publicity and advertisings he created for two big food companies: Meiji Bakeries and Kikkoman Corporation.

Today I’m sharing some of his illustrations for Kikkoman about vegetables, but it’s not going to be the last time I’m featuring Ohashi, because I love his work and each project is very different from the other.


You can find the link to see some more vegetables at the end of this issue or by clicking the images. I very much recommend you to do so, I loved all of them!
A study: Die vergleichende Osteologie
Skeleton of a bat, from Die vergleichende Osteologie by Edouard Joseph d’Alton and Heinz Christian Pander, 1821 – 1838
A book: Hirayama and Yokoi Fireworks catalogues
Spread from the Illustrated catalogue of Night Bomb Shells by Hirayama Fireworks
An ad: Deutsche Bundesbahn
DB Deutsche Bundesbahn, 1954
Bonus: Loterie Nationale posters
Loterie Nationale posters by Edgar Derouet and Charles Lesacq, 1937-1938

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