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Best Procreate Brushes for a traditional look

Let’s talk about my favorite Procreate brushes!

About two years ago I got an iPad with the Apple pencil. Then, I purchased Procreate and loved it so much it actually ended up replacing a lot of my computer work. 

I’ve bought several brush packs in two years and having been using them for a while, now I can list some of my current favorite Procreate brushes, or at least the sets I’ve found I’ve been using a lot.

☞ The Gouache MaxPack  

The Gouache MaxPack ($30) consists on 52 natural media brushes.

I think this was one of the most wanted brush packs for Procreate. Although this set costs $30, it’s now one of my favorite packs plus I don’t think there is any other Gouache only pack out there.

There are some great brushes in this set, for example, the MaxU Gouache Grainy GlazeMaxU Gouache Wet Soft and the MaxU Gouache Shader are my to go brushes.

EDIT: As of April 17 2022, now it costs $20! 🙂


Here is an illustration I did with brushes from this set:


☞ The Watercolor MaxPack 

The Watercolor MaxPack ($25) consists on 75 natural media brushes which are the most realistic watercolor brushes I’ve ever tested and they have been so much fun to use. The way they work with pressure and the way the final piece looks is just stunning. I was greatly surprised. Certainly, some of the best brushes I’ve ever worked with!


Here is an illustration done with brushes from this set:


☞ TrueGrit Beat Tones

Beat Tones ($19) is a collection of 45 distressed halftone brushes that includes 25 continuous tone dot, line and cross hatch brushes and 24 shader brushes that respond to pen pressure and get darker when increased.

I really like to use these to add some grungy effects to my illustrations.

EDIT: As of April 17 2022, it costs $17,27! 🙂


Here is an illustration I did adding some touches with brushes from this set:


☞ VIU’s Pencil Case

VIU’s Pencil Case (5€) is a collection of 8 traditional pencil brushes I’ve created for my illustrations.

I’m especially happy with the colored pencil and the regular pencil. I hope you like them 🙂


Here is an illustration I did with brushes from this set:


☞ Nik Henderson Traditional Stamp Brushes

Nik Henderson Traditional Stamp Brushes ($15) is a collection of 50 stamp brushes of traditional textures that will help your work achieve a more traditional look. 

These are stamp brushes and are intended to be used with adjustment layers and modes.


Here is an illustration I did where I used some of the stamp brushes from this set:

I’m sure there are other great brush packs of traditional brushes. Do you know some good ones? Please, feel free to share! 🙂


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